Dealing with Life Changing Events

28 01 2013

I’m back in action and rejuvenated after a couple of months off with a great new look! Not only am I now parting my hair in the middle this blog has had a little spruce up!

As you may have gathered this blog is about Social Media and how it impacts my daily life form both a personal and professional capacity, as a marketer you always fall into both categories- but you are always a consumer at the end of the day. There are so many blogs out there that talk about theory and try to rationalise everything from a business perspective. This blog looks at real life situations and Social Media. It is Social Media through my eyes.

My first post for the year has been prompted by an emotional roller coaster of a month, and the way in which we deal with significant events in our life differently through Social Media’s existence. In the last month I have been through the death of my beautiful Nan, the wedding of my gorgeous sister Ash, and the miracle of a high school friend giving birth to a spunky baby boy.

When I look back at each of these key life changing events they were all accompanied by some level of Social Media activity. When I posted this stunning photo of my Nan Lorna to Facebook my intention was to share a moment with my friends and family.


In past this would have been done sitting around the kitchen table having a cuppa, I felt that I was able to share with more people but it was also much less personal, I received 2 sympathy cards in the mail which held so much more meaning than the countless messages on Facebook.

Two weeks later and the only extreme my younger sister was married. As a member of the bridal party we had the most wonderful day and were able to share this special moment with the happy couple. Within hours people expected that photo’s would be up on Facebook, and at one stage I even received a message asking for photo’s even though we hadn’t even finished the professional photo’s with the photographer. When I finally had the opportunity to make a post to Instagram, Twitter & Facebook I got messages saying people wanted more photo’s. In the past it would have been at least a week before   photo’s were printed or emailed through and people’s level of expectation was much lower. When is enough enough when it comes to sharing these sorts of moments. I left the single photo of the bride (which had to be pre-approved by the bride) and enjoyed the rest of the evening with those that were present.

The third significant event was a little different than the first two. There was no expectation that photos would be posted ‘stat’, there was an understanding that this time was a special time for the family to cherish. It made the moment of meeting this new bundle of joy all the more special!

What all of these experiences have made me realize that sometimes we share too much, and sometimes we share just the right amount. Where do you draw the line with sharing on Social Media in your life?




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