Still feeling fatigued?

17 10 2012

As a follow on from my blog post on social media fatigue (and just my general fatigue after a busy few weeks) I started thinking more and more about how often Social Media can become a chore.

Alyssa Gregory identified 3 common causes of social media fatigue and remedy’s for these. As an extension I’m going to throw a few more into the ring. The three existing causes are:

  1.        New Platforms
  2.        Burnout
  3.        Lack of Success

To these I am going to add:


The expectation that what you need to contribute is well thought out and valuable so as not to annoy disrupt or disturb your followers in any way. Also the pressure of contributing something “new”, and providing a level of entertainment often weighs heavily on the mind. This can lead to over-thinking of content and a lack of fluidity and spontaneity.


Time or lack thereof can make Social media feel like a chore. If you are pushed for time in the day the last thing you want to be doing is thinking about social media.

What else would you add? What else contributes when you get tired of social media?




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