30 09 2012

This week my twitter account got hacked into twice. Although I changed my password, was using my mobile and deleted the app’s I continued to unknowingly spam my followers. What a painful experience this was! This got me thinking about the negative impact your brand can experience in Social Media completely unrelated to what your customers are saying and doing. There is nothing more annoying than being spammed by someone you are following on twitter, it’s often challenging enough to sort through the clutter, and then you add in spam.

I received text messages, emails and DM’s from friends, followers and bloggers kindly advising me to check on my twitter account. Although I received many more messages and contacts than in the previous week my Klout score also went down, again puzzling me about how the algorithm works.

Keep an eye on your twitter account, it can negatively impact your companies brand but also your personal brand. A Social Media blogger hacked on social media, not the best result I’ve achieved so far!




2 responses

30 09 2012

I was hacked also, you are right, it is very damaging for any reputation, especially one that proclaims Social Media insight;). I am not sure what to do now, do i need re-set twitter?

17 10 2012

I disallowed any app’s that I felt may have bugs, changed password multiple times in a week and deleted and reinstalled the app. So far so good!

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