How’s your Klout?

16 09 2012

This week i experimented with my Klout score. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Klout, Klout was founded in 2008 to empower everyone to unlock their influence.

“Klout began with a very simple idea: Everyone has influence—the ability to drive action. Klout built on this idea to show anyone how he or she can influence the world and its future.”

My Klout has continued to climb over the past month, but how?

My experiment was based on me. It was based on information I pushed out in order to ‘influence’ others. I continued to like pages, follow on twitter and put out the general social updates on facebook. I didn’t engage in any educated conversations on twitter,  use my pintrest, google +, Foursquare, flickr, or post any updates on linkedin. There was very little value in what i contributed over the week yet more Klout score climbed to 49 at one stage. The only thing that changed was a number of popular twitterers followed me. Is this thing more about your followers and friends and less about they way you are actually influencing the world?

According to Klout’s new breakdown 77% of my Klout score is attributed to Facebook. Does this make me a better person to work at your company or buy your clothes because I have over 700 friends and they seem to like things that I post?

I am still unsure what value we get from Klout, maybe next week I should try the opposite activity and see what results i get. Stay tuned!

P.s. Whats Your Klout score?




One response

17 09 2012
Peter Wagstaff

Good to see you experimenting with Klout, Renee. I’ve been doing similar things, posting random (but humorous) photos on Facebook, knowing they’ll generate a heap of “likes” and comments, just to see what happens. My Klout climbed by 4 points in a week, and the system says that I am influential in marketing and social media. Strange that non-relevant posts contribute to my marketing “credibility”! I remain sceptical of Klout’s value – but at the same time, the “game” is fun to play. We all like collecting “points”, don’t we?

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