Lots of nothing about social media!

28 08 2012

Why am I struggling so hard to find a topic to write about? I change my mind as quickly as the weather changes here in Victoria. I keep seeing more and more exciting things popping up in my research and I switch topics. Is the lesson here that I need to pick a topic and shut out the rest of the options, similar to choosing a meal at a restaurant only then to have food envy once the meals arrive, or in this case all the other blogs are published? Or do I ponder for days, spending endless hours in the social media marketing world only to be back to square one.

This internal challenge has brought me to thinking about the time spent on social media. At the moment I am (I will openly admit) spending WAY too much time in this virtual world. All of my conversations with family and friends touch on the topic at least once per interaction and every business owner/marketing professional I talk to finish the conversation with; “we really need to get you in to look out our strategy and policy”.

So where does this leave me? With way too much time on my hands, a high level of skill in procrastination and a blog about nothing. I did think about adding pictures (hence the pondering chimp) and videos to generate a little bit more interest and take focus away from my lack of focus, so I started searching… AGAIN another few hours have disappeared. Aside from the value that it can create from a business perspective personally it is taking over my life! Will there soon be campaigns to ‘QUIT! Social Media’?  If there is, I feel I may be on the list (which may possibly be calculated based on Klout scores!?) of people targeted by the time wasting police eeek.

As for a blog being a 2-way interaction, I feel I am failing. Failing at regurgitating current news and events, new tools, legislation changes etc. but succeeding entirely at keeping people entertained whilst I continue to explore and understand (insert quote from The Wizard of Oz..) a place far far away, beyond the moon..beyond the stars..

Are you a social media ‘time-waster’ or a ‘sponge’ absorbing everything that comes your way? I think I fall into the sponge category. I can’t get enough of Social Media Marketing because it fulfills my need to be constantly learning and “knowing stuff”, what does it do for you?

**image source: http://www.stockfreeimages.com/



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28 08 2012
Peter Wagstaff

Nice post, Renee! (Should I point out the spelling error in your first paragraph, which made me smile – maybe it was intentional?… “I need to pick a topic and shit out the rest of the options”!).

Didn’t a few Olympic Athletes recently blame social media for wasting too much of their time? See this recent interview on ABC News 24.

28 08 2012

Great pick up Wag’s lol somewhat reasonable placement of a spelling error if I do say so myself!

28 08 2012

Nice blog Renee. I like to think we are a sponge and exploring everyday.

31 08 2012
Christina Jones

Renee, your post made me laugh. I am exactly the same, honestly….it took me a whole day of pondering to finally write my last two posts. I had 3 drafts going on three different topics, all of which I ended up turfing. I agree, Social Media Marketing is great and I think I’m a sponge (mentally and physically…damn those chocolates) too. To your credit though, your blog about “nothing” resonates well with me at least, so I’ll keep coming back and commenting. Til the next one 😉

6 09 2012
Tanya Yi

Hi Renee

Clearly you are not alone… I feel the same. I can whip up an essay or a report without too much pondering (or time wasting) but when it comes to writing my blog or working on the wiki, I find myself “thinking” about it far too long before I can actually generate anything of value. Today for example, I’ve been in the library since 1pm and in over 4 hours I’ve checked Yammer, checked FB, checked Twitter, read other people’s blogs (and commented on a few) and I STILL haven’t done any actual work on my blog or the wiki. Doh!

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