Strategy? Planning?

14 08 2012

After quizzing Wagg’s (Peter Waggstaff) constantly about strategy, frameworks, policy and all of the traditional planning techniques in relation to Social Media Marketing I was still not satisfied by the “it doesn’t exist”, “we’ll learn as we go” comments I kept getting. I did a little  searching and found an article that help me visualise the planning process for Social Media Marketing. Come forth the 7 C’s of building a Social Media Strategy.

  1. Community
  2. Content
  3. Curation
  4. Creation
  5. Connection
  6. Conversation
  7. Conversion

Although all of these 7 C’s seem very much common sense for me, they provide a framework that us as Masters students have always been taught to utilise and develop. The 4P’s of Marketing, 7P’s of Marketing Services (I could be here all day listing them) etc. all give us a way to quantify our marketing plans ensuring all other departments can understand the purpose and process of what we are trying to achieve. In Social Media Marketing we not only have to convince Finance and Legals that we know what we’re talking about but more often than not Marketing Managers and Directors.

Have a read, see what you think, are they missing anything? How can we take these 7 C’s of building a Social Media Strategy and built a Social Media Marketing Planning tool to help others who are trying to convince management that this is the platform of the future??



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14 08 2012
Peter Wagstaff

Hmmm… can I be cynical?

Just because a word starts with the letter “C” doesn’t make it an important component of a SM framework! 😉

What’s missing from this list?
– Competitors? (Hey, that starts with “C” too!)
– Integration with other elements of the marketing mix?
– Internal buy-in, from senior management, and others within the organisation?
– …
… what else?

OK, the 7C’s are a good start, but let’s not rush to accept them as “everything” we need to know to implement SM in an organisation.

A good resource, Renee. How can we improve it! 🙂

21 08 2012

Yes, a lot of the time these agencies are trying to coin a term that will hopefully take off so they become legendary. In any case, coined terms look pretty impressive to clients:)

I would ask these questions when planning…
who is our target market and where are they?
what content will add value to their life?
Is the content proposed unique to the brand?
What sort of behavior do we want from the target market?

I call it Frank’s wwiw approach.:)

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