We all have to start somewhere…

5 08 2012

When thinking about how to start a social media marketing blog when 50 odd others were doing the same thing, I struggled to think of a topic that was hard hitting and meaningful. Do I start with a bang, pointing out all of the painful mistakes made, take a softer approach and look at what’s currently happening around the world i.e. the Olympics or do I completely diverge from all that is published and look at my own world of social media and how I consume it… I opted for the 3rd option.

When i slide open my iPhone 4, I swipe across to the page of ‘folders’. I have 66 app’s in total so I needed a way to keep track of them all, hence creating a social folder. This folder is full of immediate information;

I hold my family and friends closely in Facebook. They are where my heart lies, what keep me centered.

My need for ‘knowing’ and ‘consuming’ updates NOW on all things news, traffic, social media, Geelong, industry, corporate and entertainment is delivered by twitter.

Instagram gives me a little bit of warmth. I love to capture moments and share them with others, without having the intrusion of followers knowing everything about the photographer.

Goodreads is food for the soul. My favourite books are captured, and shared with my ‘bookie’ friends, somewhat similar to the ‘foodie’ friends we all have.

The point to all of this is 2 fold.

  1. Consumption: Had iPhone’s not been invented, would Android have been developed, would our rate of consumption increased as rapidly as it did? I believe that it is these devices that has enabled the growth of this intrusive, time wasting, addictive but major part of my life.
  2. Why: The relative nature of what these ‘Apps’ mean to me, and what they mean to the world of Social Media is almost the same. Facebook has been the central point, and really the turning point for the industry. Twitter, is social but in a different way, being more about seeking. Instagram and Goodreads is about sharing and learning with and from like minded others.

My challenge for you is to explore, not just interact. Interaction should be meaningful and I think it’s o.k to find your feet in a new social medium before you dive in.




One response

8 08 2012
Peter Wagstaff

Well done, Renee – highly readable style, and a great start to your blog!

I’ve also got a “Social” folder on my iPad, with all SM apps in there. Amazing how that folder has increased in size over the past few months, as more and more SM apps appear. I don’t use them all every week, but many of them are part of my daily life.

Are we unique, or do others also organise their digital lives in a similar way?

I agree, Apple have played a huge role in the proliferation of SM, but it probably would have happened without them, albeit maybe a bit slower?

Keep up the great work!

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